George Klynets

Private Hungarian-Russia Interpreter

Klynets George

Written and oral translation from/to Hungarian

More than 40+ happy clients, companies and translation bureaus

22 years of experience in translating and accompanying delegations

Worked at more than 10 major projects in Hungary and Ukraine in the fields of nuclear energy, woodworking and tobacco industry

Hungarian Native speaker

Guaranteed transfer of the stylistic features and the correctness of the translation in Hungarian
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>1.7 millionWords translated
46Happy clients
Time at my location

My clients say

Our translation bureau expresses its gratitude for the work of George Klynets and recommends him as a competent, professional Hungarian language translator.
Ivan Kiselev
Translation Bureau "Lingva-Locus"
Nizhny Novgorod
I want to thank you for your long-term cooperation and for the excellent work you do. I would especially like to point out your proactive attitude and efficiency in translating, your desire for self-improvement and the ability to work with CAT programs. With pbig pleasure I am continuing to contact you for your services and can recommend you to everyone as a highly professional, responsible and executive translator.
Ekaterina Marakhovskaya
Throughout the entire cooperation with the „Eridan 2002” translation bureau, George facilitates the translation of legal documents, including certificates, declarations, contracts, statutes, etc. Translation and related services are always provided on time and with a consistent quality.
Kuyanova Alla
The "Bessarabov"Translation Agency always appeals to George for Hungarian translation orders and both our clients and us are always satisfied with the quality and timing of the translation, as well as the rate of resposibility and attitude provided by George.
Translation Agency "Bessarabov"
The tasks assigned to you were always fulfilled on time. Your high level of linguistic knowledge always contributes to an effective communication. You perform translation tasks flawlessly. I want to highlight George's sociability. You have established an excellent connection with both Hungarian and Ukrainian employees.
Attila Varga
Line Lead
BAT Pécs Dohánygyár Kft.